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Our top priority is to ensure the safety for our students, and covid-19 being one of the most viruses we have ever encountered; health procedures should be inevitable. 

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How Aiga Salevalasi fight's against Covid-19 

- We have plenty anti - covid tools & equipment for everyone here to use freely, such as: antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizers, masks if anyone feels the need to wear one when present within preschool grounds, and covid tests.

- Now. If a staff is unwell or feels symptoms of sickness, they will be asked to take a test and rest from work or until we receive a negative result. 

- If staff or a student have been away for 3 days, they will have to provide a medical certificate from their local doctor or their GP in order to be able to access into preschool grounds. 

- Our teachers double wipe benches or tables where children eat to ensure a free-bacterial infestation that could potentially get a child sick or a staff member. 

- However, the bright side is that children have a less chance of catching the covid virus, therefore having less chance spreading the virus. It is still good to be on the safe side in case of another strain of virus is released; with taking covid - 19 serious in Aiga Salevalasi, we will be well prepared.  



Please feel free to contact us during staff hours in regards to any questions about health & safety or Covid - 19.

Contact number: 09-818 2504 

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