Owners of Aiga Salevalasi Aoga Amata

Rev. Paulo Ieriko


Ivapene Ieriko


Welcome to Aiga Salevalasi Pre-School

Welcome to all.

Kia ora katou katoa. Talofa lava. Ni sa Bula Vinaka. Malo e lelei. Kia Orana. Faakalofa lahi atu. Welkom (South African). Willkommen (German). Huan Ying (Chinese). Anyounghaseayo (Korean). Yokoso (Japanese). Bien zenue (French). Swagatam ( Hindi). Salaam (Farsi/Dari).

The Aiga Salevalasi Aoga Amata (Charitable Trust) is the first purpose-built Pre-School Center for the Samoan Community under the auspices of the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

Completed in early 1992 then renovated and extended in 2007, the Center has developed and grown to become one of the leading exponents of a learning environment for Samoan language, culture and preschool education.

In an industry where formal education of the very young is seen as vitally important to the future of a nation, the Aiga Salevalasi Aoga Amata has for many years now been a proud flagbearer for Pacific Island and early childhood education.

The nature of today’s society demand also that young children and their parents are given every opportunity and support from local communities to achieve their goals and aspirations; not only for the individual but also for family and whanau. Early childhood education for Pacific children is one such opportunity.


- Here in this historic moment depicts one of the first class photos' of Aiga Salevalasi agoa amata in the year 1988. 

- Top right hand side you can see our Co - director, Ivapene Ieriko. 


- Our most current class photo taken in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions making it difficult to update throughout the years.