Our Staff

  1. Teachers of our Centre have an important responsibility in the education of our youngest citizens (0-5years).

  2. Teacher – child relationships need to be warm and nurturing as well as fostering the interests of children.

  3. We promote early childhood education that covers quality in the provision of structures, as well as quality of interactions between adult and child.

  4. We acknowledge that children and infants have many questions they cannot voice, but which need answers eg.:
    “Do you know me?” (Belonging).
    “Can I trust you?” (Well Being).
    “Do you hear me?” (Communication).
    “Is this place or Centre fair for us?” (Contribution).
    “Do you let me fly?” (Exploration).

* Above material taken from ITI REAREA ( pub.NZCA. June 2009. Issue 20)

Talofa Lava, my name is Lila Pese and I am a Teacher Aide here at Aiga Salevalasi. I was born and raised here in New Zealand and I come from a strong Samoan background. My passion for working with children started from when babysitting my nieces and nephews and becoming a  mother for the first time has  inspired me to consider Teaching as a career. I am hoping to pursue a career in the teaching field later on the year.

Naseri Tolai
(Centre Manager)

My name is Naseri Tolai and I am the Centre Manager here at Aiga Salevalasi aoga Amata. I am a New Zealand born Samoan, born and breed in West Auckland. I currently hold a Bachelor in Human Services majoring youth work and studying Post Graduate in Educational Leadership at the University of Auckland part-time.  My passion in working with children has inspired me to  do further research on child development.  I am hoping to pursue a career in teaching long-term, but all in Gods timing.


Niu Cathy-Tolai
(Qualified and full Registered Educator)

My name is Niu Cathy Tolai and I am a New Zealand born Samoan. I have been a Teacher here at Salevalasi since 1996 and I have never had a dull moment working with our tamaiti. I am always learning from them each day which pushes me to take on new challenging opportunities and it has helped me grow in my professional and personal life. I am currently studying a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, an upgrade from the Diploma I currently have which I gained at Te Tari Puna o Aoteroa in Auckland NZ. 

Alofa Ieriko Sivao
(Centre Supervisor/Qualified and Full registered Educator)

My name is Alofa Tina Sivao. I'm a New Zealand born Samoan, youngest of five, Happily married and have been in the Early Childhood sector for about 15 years now. I've recently returned to studies to upgrade my qualifications and to help further my own pedagogical leadership. My upbringing in the Fa'asamoa and Christianity is my identity which is also promoted in our Samoan immersion Early Childhood center as part of our center philosophy. I also enjoy music, Siva Samoa, relaxing and just having a good laugh. I love creating warm relationships with children and their families which I believe is the foundation of authentic and quality education.  


Vaialogo Pese - Tone
(Qualified and full Registered Educator)

Talofa lava, my name is Vaialogo Pese-Tone, also known as Logo for short.

I am a New Zealand born Samoan and I am a UNITEC graduate, receiving my Bachelors in ECE Teaching.

I have been in the teaching field for almost 15 years and I am enjoying it by the day. Working in the teaching field has broadened my understanding in so many levels and I will never change it for the world.

Ropati Sivao
(Office and Maintenance)

Talofa lava, o lo'u igoa o Ropati Sivao. O loo o'u galue nei mo le faamamaina ma le vaaiga o le saogalemu o le Aoga, ina ia malu  puipuia le ola o alo ma fanau.
Sa ou ola ma ou tuputupu a'e i Samoa, ae o le tausaga e 2007 na ou malaga mai ai i nei ma avea ai Niu Sila ma o'u nofoaga mau. O le tausaga e 2013 na amata ai ona ou galue i le Aiga Salevalasi, ma o se tulaga fiafia tele lea ia te a'u ona ua le gata i le mafutaga ma tamaiti, a'o le a'oa'oina lea o le fanau i tu ma aga faasamoa.
Faamoemoe pea i le Agaga o le Atua na te faaatoatoaina se taumafai vaivai, aua le lumana'i manuia o alo ma fanau o si o tatou atunuu.

Lila Pese
(Teacher Aide)

Malo lava le soifua. I am Lila Pese and I am a Teacher Aide here at Salevalasi.

Brought up with strong Samoan culture and christian values, I have learnt the importance of serving, serving knowledge and values in order for our young Pacific Island children to prosper during their early childhood life.

I aim to get into teachers college so I can  pursue career in teaching.

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