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Under Twos
  • We are a group of 10 and under the care of two qualified and caring teachers.

  • We need daily supplies of nappies, wipes and spare clothes.

  • Our nap time is between 12:30pm – 2pm

  • We start transitioning to the Toddlers’ group 2 weeks before we turn 2 years.

  • Our group allows us to begin transitioning into the Over 2’s play area under the care and guidance of two qualified and fun teachers.

  • We need daily supplies of nappies, wipes and spare clothes.

  • Our sleep/rest period is between 1pm – 2:30pm

  • When we’re almost 3 years we should be starting a toilet training routine at Aoga and at home.

  • We transition to the Young Children’s group 2 weeks before we turn 3½ years.

Rising 5's
  • We are the most active age group and we are supported by 3 committed teachers.

  • We do a lot of fun activities to develop our preschool skills.

  • On Thursdays we visit the local library 10:30am

  • We visit our friends at the Kindy weekly 1 – 2:30pm


  • We participate in the transition programme from 12:30pm – 2:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • We visit Glen Eden Primary School once a term & get to swim in their swimming pool during summer.

  • We also need to bring our own healthy lunchboxes for lunch every day as part of preparations for Primary School.

  • We also graduate at the end of the year that we turned 4.  And usually start Primary when we are 5.


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